Anubias Nangi

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  • Pointy Leaf
  • Easy to Grow
  • Low Light

Anubias nangi is unique hybrid between Anubias barteri “Nana” and Anubias gilletii. Overall, Anubias nangi is not very well known within the aquarium hobby, but it features elongated, pointy leaves which make it stand out against other Anubias varieties which have more rounded leaves.

Anubias nangi will grow horizontally via its rhizome across your tank while sending bright green leaves upwards which eventually adopt a deeper green color once established.

Customer Reviews

Based on 164 reviews
Rolf B. (Kearney, NE, US)
Great plant

Great plant doesn’t need a lot of light and I would days not a slow grower but not a fast grower either

Jeramie K. (Cleveland, OH, US)
Great purchase.

Got it very healthy. Roots about and inch long about 8 leaves. And had it a week and another is growing so I'd say it adapted well.

Lloyd j. (Old Bridge, NJ, US)

3 orders in the last 2 weeks .. after watching every video on youtube of yours i could…i was not disappointed .. shipping perfect.. every plant green and fresh .. only 2 weeks but they look so good … banana plants growing already !! Using the easy green is easy… after all my years of aquariums ive finally learned the proper way to do things .. thanks Cory and Aquarium co op.. greetings from New Jersey

Annalyn V. (Green Valley, AZ, US)

Anubias Nangi

Nichola (Edenton, NC, US)
Great Customer Service!

I was excited to try out this store as it has a great selection of plants. The plant I ordered did look a bit different than the photo, and then unfortunately my betta proceeded to destroy it! Since things didn't pan out quite as I'd imagined, the store offered me a gift card for a replacement plant at no charge. Great customer service is hard to find these days and that impressed me. I will be ordering another plant soon (will try for a different, less appetizing variety) which I'm sure will work out fine. Very happy with how everything ended up.