Sera Spirulina O Nip Tabs

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These are great for livebearers and other fish that need spirulina in their diet.

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Great treat for my fish

My fish love this Spirulina O Nip just as much as the original. Plecos, loaches, tetras, mollies, guppies, corydoras, they all love it. I only wish it came in the 265 tab size like the original.

As good as regular O-Nip Tabs.

Arrived quickly. I have been using the regular O-Nip tabs as part of my feeding regime for a long time and figured I would give the Spirulina tabs a shot. The tabs were accepted by most of my fish. In particular my livebearer fry love them. Other fish including Rainbowfish, Central/South American Cichlids, and tetras also gobbled them up.

Livebearers Love It!

I have many livebearers in two of my tanks, and they all seem to love it! If I cut half and stick it to the glass, and then drop the other half to my pleco, it'll even pick at it. Dirties the water coloumn a bit, I usually feed this on the day I do a water change.

Sera O Nips are my new favorite food!

My platies love this food. Flakes tend to fall to the bottom and I don’t have time for multiple small feedings. Significantly less uneaten food with these which means a cleaner tank. 1 tab is plenty and I only feed every other day. 30 gallon tank all platy 8 adults 5 fry.

Great product

I bought this as treat for my guppies and swordtails, and they go crazy for it everytime I place a tab in the tank. Highly recommend this product. Plus it's fun to watch the fish eat it up.