Black Friday Aquarium Deals 2018

Black Friday 2018 Aquariums

Black Friday and Cyber Monday isn't only limited to electronics, clothing, and houseware but aquarium stuff too! This is a great time to purchase aquarium products. Aquariums, filters, lights, and equipment go on sale during BFCM so we've gathered the best deals online for you.

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    Get email updates when a new deal is posted

      1. Aquarium Co-op | 6 DEALS

      Aquarium Co-op is doing 4 weeks of Black Friday sales this year. The first week kicks off midnight on Thursday (Nov. 1st) and features 20% off all aquarium plants. The second week is 20% off all branded items, this means Easy Green, merch, and other awesome Aquarium co-op products are on sale. Week 3 features 20% off all filtersand runs till Thanksgiving Day. Running from the end of Cyber Monday to the end of the month is a sale for 20% off all aquarium decoration, this includes rocks, driftwood, and decorations. It's important to note that shipping cannotbe combined between deals.

      On Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday running till Sunday, there will also be a sitewide 15% off on all products. And yes that includes lights!  

      Cyber Monday features 30% off all Sera Brand foods.

      2-1. Petsmart | Marineland 60gal w/stand $150

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      Petsmart has released 1 deal for aquariums so far. The Marineland Heartland 60gal Aquarium & Stand combo is going on sale on Black Friday for $150. The Heartland aquarium & stand combo originally ALSO included an LED light and a glass canopy for an original price: $369.99! (Though it is not clear if those two extras features will also be included in this sale.) One thing we also like about it is that it comes in black silicon which not only matches the color of the stand but also hides algae from your viewing pleasure.
      Note this deal is only available for in-store pickup and it was found in a local ad so some areas may not be eligable. Check your local ad.

      2-2. Petsmart | 50% OFF Fluval Fx4 & Fx6 Filters

      INSTORE ONLY - Petsmart is having an amazing deal on Fluval Fx4 and Fx6 Filters. These are great filters! Beware, this is an in-store sale and not all Petsmarts are participating in the sale. It depends on your location. Check the local ad or call ahead just in case.

      3. Petco | All Aqueon aquariums 50% OFF

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      Petco has annouced they will be putting their ENTIRE stock of Aqueon aquariums on sale as well as their Zoo Med reptile kits for they will be 50% OFF!! However, you need to have a Pals Rewards account set up to get the deals. This sale lasts two days from Black Friday to Saturday.

      4. | 15% OFF Sitewide

      View Deal has annouced 15% off sitewide which is already valid till 11/26/2018. They have over 1000 products on sale at the moment some for more than the 15% off mentioned! Additonally, they have several benefits if you spend more than $300.

      5. | 15% OFF Sitewide

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      Bulk Reef Supply is having a huge sitewide sale that has already started. Don't let the name make you think there's only reef stuff, Bulk Reef Supplies carries several items that are used for freshwater aquariums as well.

      6. | 20% OFF Shrimp Starter Packages

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      If you were hoping there would be deals on shrimps, then you're in luck. Flipaquatics is featuring 20% off all freshwater shrimp starter packages with discount code: shrimpstarterpacks20

      7. | 30% OFF

      Use coupon code BF2018 and save 30% on everything on their website plus free shipping on orders over $60 at

      8. | 35% OFF BF - 40% OFF CM

      View Deal is having some great sales on live stock this BFCM weekend! Their notes: "Everything is limited! Don't wait...many items will sell out quickly!Each respective sale ends at 11:59 pm EDT on its final listed date."

      Thursday, November 22 - Friday, November 23:
      35% Off ALL Fish, Crabs, and Crayfish!
      Use code TFBF35 at checkout!

      Saturday, November 24 - Sunday, November 25:
      35% Off ALL Shrimp, Snails, Bivalves, and Plants!
      Use code SSBF35 at checkout!

      Monday, November 26:
      40% Off ALL Livestock and Plants!
      Use code CM40 at checkout!

      9. | 20% OFF Plus $10

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      10. | 35% OFF BF - 40% OFF CM

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      Pearling Plants has 30% off all orders code BlackFriday2018

      11. | 15% OFF Storewide

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      15% OFF storewide sale at This sale includes Rimless Aquairums and Aquasoil! Use discount code: Blackfriday18
      Sale ends Sunday night

      12. | 5% OFF + More

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