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Anubias Nana

Hurry only 9 left!
Hurry only 9 left!
Anubias nana is a staple in the hobby. Will be successful in virtually any tank that doesn't have fish that will eat it.
  • Scientific Name: Anubias barteri var nana
  • Skill Level: Easy
  • Placement: On rocks or wood
  • Co2 Requirement: none
  • Preferred Fertilizer: Liquid - Easy Green Fertilizer

***Being a natural product, sizes can vary from what is shown.***

Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Love the plant

Exceeds my expectation in service. They are very helpful and quick response time to my questions and concerns. Finally, the plant quality is top notch; no damage leaves and very green and healthy. I will order again and highly recommend them.

I killed it

I read all over the place that this plant is incredibly easy to grow and my first order was a nano petite that I got and it looks amazing. Then I ordered this one and another petite in a bowl and they both arrived on the same day. They are all in the same tank and both the petites look amazing and are thriving. But the larger Nano... The plant actually came in beautiful. Being a beginner I wish there were more directions on how to care for the plants. The Val I got with the petite in the bowl came in really brown. I read it needed low light so I turned down the light in my tank for a week. I think doing that has killed both the Val and this larger Nano plant. I'm hoping they'll both come back but almost all the leaves in the Nano have "melted" and basically are floating off the main root. So again, I really wish Aquarium Co-Op would have instructions of what each plant needs WITH the shipment and not just online.

Healthy Shippment

Anubias Nana was shipped to my Minnesota door looking nice and healthy. Don't hesitate buying from Aquarium Co op! They are Fantastic!

Plant for Newbie!

I got this and the Java Fern as a first time aquarium planter, and I especially love the Anubias! I super glued it to a fake log, and it looks beautiful. The plants came within 2 days, and they were both healthy.

Immediately melted and died

Ive ordered anubias from all over and these are the only ones that have ever died. Multiple anubias nana already in the tank and doing great so I know it's not my tank. Weird.