Anubias Nana

Scientific Name: Anubias barteri var nana

Care Level: Easy

Biotope: Africa

Temperature Range: 71° -  80° F

Anubias are wonderful beginner plants, doing well in a wide range of conditions. Endemic to  Africa they can be found growing in streams, rivers, and even marshes. Preferring more subdued lighting, their genus gets its name from the Egyptian god Anubis, from often being found growing in shaded areas.

Anubias are rather slow growers, with ideal conditions they typically will grow a new leaf every 3 weeks or so. You can get anubias to grow faster under high lighting conditions with injected CO2.


Anubias can be planted in a wide variety of ways, typically preferring being attached to a surface allowing water to flow over their roots. When planting anubias in substrate take care not to bury the rhizome of the plant, the rhizome is the thickest part of the plant where the leaves and roots sprout from.

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Customer Reviews

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So great!

Came so lush and continue to stay lush. I did snag the 3.0 and easy green as well!

A little disappointing

First I want to say that I love the co-op! I've ordered many things from them, and have been more than satisfied! I ordered this plant and when it came in it was big enough that I had 3 separate plants in one pot. I superglued one to a rock in my 20 goal, and the other 2 to rocks in my fluval flex 15 nano tank. Within a week all but one plant was dead! All the leaves separated from the rhizome, and the rhizome died. One plant survived with two remaining leaves, and actually has new growth. Any thought or comments on what could have caused this? I'm hoping the last plant will remain alive! The first pic is the remaining plant with the new growth. The second pic is what the rhizome looks like when it died.

Anubias Nana

I have bought 3 of these plants and all 3 have died. I'm not sure why because all the other plants I purchased have done well in my tank. I'm at a loss on this one.

Anubius keep dying. :(

I ordered some anubius nana and attached them to some driftwood. After a week all of them but one fell apart. I emailed the co-op and they quickly replaced it. This time I only left them float in the tank and after a couple weeks I checked on them and they all still fell apart! Very frustrating because I really want to use this type of anubias in my aquarium setup and I have now received three orders and only one plant has survived from the entire bunch.

Great looking plant

Received 2 very healthy plants in one pot, exactly what I was looking for in my tank.

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