Aquarium Co-Op Super Sand

Aquarium Co-Op

$ 31.99 


This is a coarse sand that is optimal for growing plants and allowing root hair growth. It is much heavier than other sands but not as large as gravel. It is Cenex brand sand if you can find it locally at a gravel yard. It has been washed and kiln dried and is ready to go into a tank with very little dust.


***There is an additional charge for shipping on this product due to weight. We found the most efficient way to ship it is via priority flat rate. We can fit 40lbs in a Large Flat rate, and 20lbs in a medium flat rate. We are not responsible for any broken boxes during shipping etc. We will pack it with as much tape and support as possible, however we can not control the mail carrier dropping it etc. This is very unlikely but we need to cover ourselves.