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New Colorful Fish This Week at Aquarium Co-Op! πŸ’

From our wholesalers and local breeders this week at the Aquarium Co-Op retail store we got in some beautifully colored fish including Peacock Gudgeons, Electric Blue Acara, Cherry Barbs,and Green Neon Tetras. We also got some work horse cleaners like Baby Bristlenose Plecos and Clown Plecos.
For my favorite plants this week the Red Melon Swords and Crypt Spiralis are fully converted, and some even have multiple plants in the pot! We also got in some very nice looking Water Sprite and Ludwigia Repens this week too.
For this week's Tank Tip I wanted to share how we recommend cleaning your sponge filters. This should be done routinely every so often to avoid build up and ensure the sponge filter is working its best.Β 
Check out Cory's video where he shows you how to optimize them and properly clean them below!

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