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Quarantine Meds Trio

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This Trio of Medications are what we use in-store to treat our incoming fish, all three can be used safely together. Through our testing this combination of medications has been shrimp, snail and plant safe. We have started using Maracyn as it's active ingrdient is erythromycin and is a better deal.

Maracyn (eyrthromycin) to treat a broad spectrum of of bacterial infections

General Cure to treat a broad spectrum of internal parasites and mild external parasites

Ich-X to treat external parasites and fungal infections 

 This Kit Includes:

  • 1 Box API General Cure
  • 1 Box 24 Count Maracyn(Erythromycin)
  • 1 16oz Bottle Aquarium Solutions Ich-X

Customer Reviews

Based on 279 reviews
Successful quarantine

I treated my flowerhorn juveniles with the meds and they quickly recovered and are doing fine. The products are easy to use

Mandatory for new fish

I'm getting more fish for my 75 gallon display tank but I will not add any new friends to my established guys in the big tank without quarantining them to my smaller "hospital tank" for a few weeks with med trio. Never had an issue, Cory has really done his homework on this. Thank you!

Does a Good Job

Meds work well, just make sure you watch Cory's Med Trio video for dossing instructions.

Stocked up

I will be setting up a new tank soon and wanted to stock up before hand, so I haven't personally used them yet. I got a set for my daughter to use on our existing tank. We recently lost one fish, but not sure if it was related to the meds or just an old fish. Everyone else seems to be doing fine.

Good value

This is a good value. However, please be advised that I have very alkaline water and ph near 8. The meds made my 75 gallon shoot up to almost 9 and I had to take action after loosing 6 fish. It worked perfectly with no issues in my 10 gallon so still give a 5 star just understand that everyone has different water and you should watch your perimeters closely.