Quarantine Meds Trio

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Best Seller

This Trio of Medications are what we use in-store to treat our incoming fish, all three can be used safely together. Through our testing this combination of medications has been shrimp, snail and plant safe. We have started using Maracyn as it's active ingrdient is erythromycin and is a better deal.

Maracyn (eyrthromycin) to treat a broad spectrum of of bacterial infections

General Cure to treat a broad spectrum of internal parasites and mild external parasites

Ich-X to treat external parasites and fungal infections 

 This Kit Includes:

  • 1 Box API General Cure
  • 1 Box 24 Count Maracyn(Erythromycin)
  • 1 16oz Bottle Aquarium Solutions Ich-X

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Exceeds my expectation in service. Shipment was fast and carefully packaged. I have not had to use the medication will update my review when I do.

med trio

had fish die from bacterial infections just to clear anything in case it was contagious this trio is great just to make sure your fish will be the healthiest and happiest they can be. even if you dont have sick fish good to medicate them before something happens down the road.


I was planning to repopulate my display tank with new fish and searched YouTube for information on setting up a quarantine tank. Based on several videos on the subject I also found the video about medicating the Q tank as a preventive measure. That resulted in the purchase of the Quarantine Med trio and following the recommended dosing method shown on the video. Two weeks into the 4 week quarantine the fish are doing great, eating aggressively and look to be in good health. I would recommend anyone considering adding new fish to view the videos and follow the recommendations.

Great value

I purchased the meds trio to have just in case. My only suggestion would be to upload a current dosing video.


Always a pleasure to deal with the Aquarium coop arrived fast and cory already did the research on this trip so we all know it works highly recommend buying this great deal you wont be disappointed