The Med Trio

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  • Treats bacterial, fungal, and parasitic infections
  • Save buying the bundle
  • Have medications on hand 

This Trio of Medications are what we use in-store to treat our incoming fish. Through our testing, this combination of three medications can be used together at the same time and are safe for  fish, shrimps, snails, and plants. We have started using Maracyn since its active ingredient is erythromycin and it offers a better deal.

Maracyn (eyrthromycin) to treat a broad spectrum of of bacterial infections

Fritz Paracleanse to treat a broad spectrum of internal parasites and mild external parasites

Ich-X to treat external parasites and fungal infections 

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Anonymous (Palatine, IL, US)
Good stuff

Always keep some on hand

Micheal K. (Denver, CO, US)

Amazing products saved my fish followed the aquariam co op instructions worked like a charm

J.E. (Lakeland, FL, US)
Medicine to always have on hand

I tried googling on other websites, you guys have the best price.
Great instructions, my albino tetras looking better after 24 hours.
Shipping reference: Bought it at Friday after 3 pm, ship that day, came on Wednesday, fishes didn't die during shipping.

Alexion R. (Framingham, MA, US)

I'm lucky enough to have a partner store near me that really takes good care of quarantining their fish so I haven't had the need to dose meds before.

However, I'm planning to order from a new place and wanted to be ready and this is the perfect pack and saved me a ton of research along with the Aquarium Co-op blog posts.

Amber H. (League City, TX, US)
Rx ready

Arrived on time. I’m glad to have these on hand.