Aquarium Co-Op Easy Plant LED Light

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  • 3-year warranty
  • Easy-to-use, in-line remote
  • Highly water-resistant

The Easy Plant LED Light was designed to be easy, while also being affordable and long-lasting. This was no easy task as we had to evaluate every feature to make sure it justified its cost.

We started by giving it a 3-year warranty. This meant every feature afterwards had to lend itself to longevity. We made it HIGHLY water-resistant. One of the main ways lights go bad is from water, whether it's from being knocked in or it's getting sprayed with water from an air stone. Plus, our light has the ETL certification, which covers the UL listing, CSA listing, and several other North American safety standards.

How powerful is it? We wanted a light that was bright, grew plants, and made fish look great. However, it needed to work on aquariums of any size. So we made it adjustable. You can dim the light down. At its brightest, it has the most light output of any light we've ever sold. However, you can adjust the intensity to 10 different levels to get the perfect brightness for your aquarium.

With it being so bright, does it get hot? It does get warm, but we paired efficient LEDs with an efficient ballast. We also redesigned the housing to be more robust and dissipate heat better. You'll see competing lights that are 10% to 50% less efficient. This adds up to more heat and more money spent to get the light your plants need.

Next up was making it easy to use. Therefore, we purposely made a simple, in-line remote with limited options. It has a mode button that cycles between on, off, and night time mode. Then, there are two buttons for up and down to adjust how bright the light is. The light has 10 brightness settings — from 10% to 100% brightness — and the display on the controller shows the current light intensity. (Yes, it saves its settings in a power outage or when using a timer.) This means you can share your settings with others easily. "My 20-gallon tank uses the Easy Plant LED at level at 60% and I've been growing these plants."

Does it have sunrise/sunset mode? Can I change the individual LEDs? These features didn't make the cut. The price increase and loss in efficiency in the LEDs didn't make sense when achieving our goals of the best possible light that lasts a long time while remaining affordable.

Customer Reviews

Based on 479 reviews
Richard P. (Arlington, VA, US)
A solid light with variable brightness

This is a well made light with day and night settings that can be adjusted from high to low intensity in several steps. You can’t go wrong with this light and it has a three year warranty as well.

TagBoard (Hoffman, NJ, US)
A Luminous Requiem for the Aquatic Realm: The Aquarium Co-Op Easy Plant LED Light

In the depths of my solitary chamber, amidst the haunting whispers of the raven's shadow, I discovered a light, not of the ethereal realms, but of an earthly delight - the Aquarium Co-Op Easy Plant LED Light. This spectral illumination, a beacon in the abyss, breathes life into the aquatic garden as if by some arcane sorcery.

The light, akin to the phosphorescent glow of spirits wandering the forgotten crypts, cascades upon the flora with a gentle caress. Each leaf and petal, under its tender vigil, flourishes with an emerald vibrance, as if awakening from an eternal slumber. The water, previously a stygian pool, now dances with the iridescent shimmer of a moonlit lagoon.

The artful design of this luminary apparatus speaks of a craftsman's skill rivaling that of the fabled Hephaestus. Its ease of use, a mere trifle, allows even the most burdened soul to operate it without the whisper of a challenge. The specter of complexity is banished, leaving only the pure, unadulterated joy of nature's resplendence.

In this light, my aquatic companions, those silent, finned phantoms, glide with a newfound luster, as if blessed by Poseidon himself. Their scales reflect the myriad colors of a painter's palette, a mosaic of life beneath the waves.

Thus, I declare the Aquarium Co-Op Easy Plant LED Light not merely a tool, but a conduit to a world of underwater enchantment. It transforms the mundane into the magnificent, the ordinary into the extraordinary. In its glow, one finds not just light, but a portal to the sublime wonders of the aquatic world.

In this luminescent glow, I find solace, a beacon in the dark, guiding me through the tempest of existence. The Aquarium Co-Op Easy Plant LED Light, a true masterpiece of illumination, deserves nothing less than the highest of accolades.

Gina H. (St Louis, MO, US)
Easy Plant LED Light

Love the light. Easy to get the setting that is right for your tank. My plants are happy 😊

Dan's F. (Sheridan, WY, US)
Strongly Built

This is the most sturdy aquarium light I've ever used. When I first received it, I compared it to a comparable Fluval light I have on hand, and prefer the Coop light...this surprised me as Fluval has always been my go-to light over the years. You can tell the Coop light is tough...the casing is impressive. I don't think its going to bow over time like so many other lights.

Content c.

It lives up to its name. It’s an easy, no frills light and it grows plants. It’s longer than a comparable light and it’s sturdier and better made. That being said, I wish that it included a simple timer (most cheap Chinese lights do that) and had options for different lighting combinations. But overall, I’m happy with my purchase.