Marimo Moss Ball

1 Medium Size Marimo Moss balls. Easy to grow, under any light. rotate them each water change or once a week, whatever is easier. Virtually no maintenance or fertilizer required. 

***Sizes will vary from each shipment. Plants can be larger or smaller than the picture shown.***

Customer Reviews

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Gave me one extra

I ordered 8 and got one on the house, no hitch hikers either.

So Mossy

Yes, it is a ball. Yes, it is moss. Yes, it just sits there. No, it does not do any is moss. Yes, the shrimp and fish like it. No, it really does not do anything is a ball of moss. Yes, you probably could play with it, but that would probably kill it. Yes, the fish could probably roll it around if they were big enough. No, it does not do anything but sit there. Well, it probably produces oxygen for the fish and they sometime eat it, but nothing is moss. Yes, the shrimp do like it. No, it is not because they can play catch with it. Ok, seriously this is a great plant and it arrived from Aquarium Co-op in perfect condition. It is still thriving in my shrimp tank.

60 days in...

60 days since purchasing my fuzzy moss ball......I haven't killed it yet, in fact it's healthy and growing.


As usual extremely satisfied with my purchase from you guys!! My guppies love their very healthy new tank buddy... will be ordering more soon!!

Those round moss balls

Bought these just to add a little green to the tank. They look good dispused amongst the rocks and driftwood. They are also a favorite stop for my cherry shrimp, I don't oftem see them out but when I do they are almost always perched on one of these moss balls working their front little arms like mad. It's loads of fun to watch.

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