Bucephalandra on Wood

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Scientific Name: Bucephalandra sp. Green Wavy

Care Level: Easy

Temperature Range: 72° - 84°

Description: Small compact wavy leaves

This is basically an anubias like plant. Requires the same care, low light, easy to grow, but more rare. A great addition to any nano tank or large tank alike. Feed it some water column fertilizer and it should thrive for you. Being that it is already on wood the hard work has been done. Relatively easy to flower under water as well.

 * Due to the nature of this product we cannot guarantee it will look exactly as pictured, shipments may vary in size *

Customer Reviews

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Great addition

The plant I received was in great condition. This is the first Buce in my tank. It is a thick mat of healthy foliage with lots of root stock on a nice piece of wood. It is much denser than the plant in the photo. Once it 'settles in,' I think there will be plenty to split and propagate.

Buce on wood

This is my first "Buce" also. I am very pleased with it AND the bonus is that it appears to have a flower bud! As always, excellent quality and careful wrapping and shipping! I remain a VERY satisfied customer of Aquarium Co-op.

Great Plant

Very pleased. This is my first "buce", now I plan to have more. It arrived in good shape and is growing well; it's blossomed twice in first month. I rate it's growth rate as medium. I have not yet trimmed the old leaves, waiting for it to settle in. I look forward to trimming the rhizome in the future to replant.

Bucephalandra on wood

Plant arrived promptly, a very healthy green and ready to go. With my reputation of serial plant killer I am hoping buying them already on wood will help. So far so good, java ferns on wood, anubias on wood, and now the bucephalandra are doing fine. The less I touch'm the better'

Star of the show

I almost balked at the price, but I have to say this little gem is worth every penny. My plant arrived with thick growth, good roots, rich deep green color. After 5 days in my tank it is already putting on some growth (which I wouldn’t have believed but I compared pictures). I absolutely love this plant, and would love to buy another one! Thank you to the Aquarium Co-Op team for providing such good quality plants, and amazing customer service!