Marimo Moss Ball

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  • Low Light
  • Beginner Friendly
  • Unique Round Shape

Marimo moss balls are actually not made out of moss at all, but a freshwater green algae. They naturally occur at the bottom of certain lakes of the world where the currents are just right to form this algae into a ball shape. 

Marimo moss balls are a deep green color and are very easy to care for, though extremely slow-growing. They look great in any aquarium and will thrive under low light. Therefore, they are an excellent choice for beginners looking for an easy yet eye-catching "plant" to get into keeping planted tanks.

Customer Reviews

Based on 367 reviews
Ashley R. (Overland Park, KS, US)

I usually don’t buy moss balls. There was a scare a few years back of toxic moss balls or something like that. This is the best one I have ever received. It has been a few weeks and it is still healthy! I love Aquarium Co-Op. I wish there was a local store near me.

Linda N. (Coventry, RI, US)
Marimo moss balls are fantastic...

I have wanted to get some of these in my aquariums for a long time, but have had a hard time finding them in stock in the US. They came in healthy, and my shrimp love them!

Kenny M. (Fort Bragg, NC, US)
Marimo moss balls

Nice size nice color good quality very easy to care for and my shrimp love them.

Danielle G. (Brush Prairie, WA, US)
Great marimo and very fast shipping

I ordered several marimo moss balls and was surprised that the order was shipped the same day I placed the order! The moss balls were in wonderful condition, packed in a zip closure bubble foil envelope that protected them from damage & made sure they were still cool & moist on arrival. I will be purchasing more from this store in the future.

Sharon F. (Woodland, CA, US)

Marimo Moss Ball

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