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What's New at Aquarium Co-Op!

This is Brandon, the store manager for the Aquarium Co-Op retail store. I want to let you know that this is the first new weekly newsletter that I am sending out to our local customers. This newsletter will highlight fish, plants, and products. Any announcements that the store needs to make will also be added to these. 

This week in one of our three fish shipments we received some particularly nice red velvet swordtails, dwarf chain loaches, blue cobalt gobies, and reticulated hillstream loaches. 

Red Velvet Swordtails - $5.99
Dwarf Chain Loaches - $13.49
Blue Cobalt Goby - $14.99
Blue Cobalt Goby
Reticulated Hillstream Loach - $16.49

Plants came in looking great this week! The rotala H’RA, Madagascar lace plant, water wisteria, and mayaca fluviatilis are looking especially awesome. These plants do well with medium-high light, liquid fertilizers like Easy Green and Easy Iron, and Easy Root Tabs

Mayaca Fluviatilis - $9.99
Rotala H'RA - $9.99
Water Wisteria - $9.99
Madagascar Lace Plant - $9.99

Are your plants struggling or are you not sure how much fertilizer you should be adding to your tank? If so, come into the store and we can test your water for you for free! Monday-Thursday is best for spending the most time with us.

In our latest Youtube video, Cory shows you how he maintains his aquariums in his fishroom. At around the 18 minute mark, Cory shows how to tell how much fertilizer your plants in your aquarium needs by testing the water and dosing your Easy Green accordingly.

You can watch our newest Youtube video here: 

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