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Marimo Moss Ball

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Best Seller

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1 Medium Size Marimo Moss balls. Easy to grow, under any light. rotate them each water change or once a week, whatever is easier. Virtually no maintenance or fertilizer required. 

  • Scientific Name: Cladophora aegagropila
  • Skill Level: Easy
  • Placement: foreground
  • Co2 Requirement: none
  • Preferred Fertilizer: Liquid - Easy Green Fertilizer

***Being a natural product, sizes can vary from what is shown.***

Customer Reviews

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I Love Marimo.

I'm not into messy plants that sprout likes weeds & need to be regularly trimmed & removed. What do you do with the clippings then? I'm sure most get tossed out as trash. That's a lot of work for waste. Here we with deal with more weeds in our home's backyard than anyone would care to; I don't want to create the same environment in my aquariums. Eventually I plan to cover most of the bottom of my aquariums with Marimo. Not only do they provide the same benefit as plants to an aquarium, they're slow growing, which is ideal for me. If they get too big for their present tank, I'll move them to a bigger one. Plus, I have a few select plants I've set above the aquarium lid as an aquaponic system whose roots grow into the water that also provide the same benefit, plus my shrimp & betta love to climb & settle in them.
Initially I was disappointed by the size of the first ones that arrived, which was simply my lack of attention to detail as their size is clearly & accurately described. I got excited by so many previous reviews talking about how "huge" they are. They're not, they're small. But they are still a good value, plus Aquarium Co-Op's stock is consistent. I was also disappointed I didn't get any 'snail eggs' as several people described they received, & the site states that those hitchhikers are a possibility. If so many people get free snail eggs why don't I get any? So instead I picked up some small Malaysian Trumpet Snails for free from LFS. Problem solved.
Marimo are rich, healthy green in color, & a pleasant soft, fuzzy texture. They are so easy for me to care for. While some that arrived have been a practically perfect sphere shape, others have been misshapen & lumpy, which I don't mind. I have more round ones than lumpy, & they are still the same beneficial, aesthetically pleasing Marimo.
Marimo have a rich Japanese history representing happiness & prosperity. They are given as wedding gifts, handed down through gener...

Great little ball!

Bought for a new tank. First time getting one of these marimo balls--it shipped well and is going great! I love the size. For a newbie like me, it has been an easy (and cool!) addition to the tank. Would definitely buy again! (Oh, and there is no LFS in my area--the chain pet stores have these, but they don't compare at all in quality to the one I got from Aquarium Co-Op!)

Love them!

They shipped well and are doing great after a month and a half. I love watching them roll around occasionally with the waterflow. The shrimp love nibbling on them occasaionally too.

Mariano Moss Ball

First Class plant packing and shipping was great Thank You

Beautiful moss ball

My moss ball came in a lovely healthy green. Regretting that I only ordered one. Love it.