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Still undecided

All my plants from Aquarium Co Op are thriving, except the water sprite. I do know it can take time to adjust, so I'm not giving up on it yet, but it hasn't shown any signs of taking off, while the wisteria I purchased at the same time has grown about 12 inches in 3 weeks. I do see a bit of new growth towards the bottom of the stems, so there may be hope yet.

Unique plant doing great with high light and Co2

Plants came in, in great shape. It was about a quarter of the size it is now. I have in a 65 gallon and it is almost to the top which is about 20" from the substrate. This is a stem plant so had about 5-6 stems in the same pot. Can't complain and like the unique leaf shape. I have another pot which I have in a holding tank with out Co2 and it seems to have alot more green to it so Co2 and iron supplement might be causing it to color up.

Fish love it

Love this food. I mix it w/ other repashy to have more variety & makes it more firm.

Happy with purchase

As described got here fast very happy with purchase

Great Rhizome Plant

I absolutely love this plant! It is gorgeous and and definitely a bang for your buck, I got 13 small rhizomes out of one pot. This Java Fern is very easy to keep and grows prolifically with Easy Green, which I also recommend!!

Snails in the mail

Arrived alive, dumped them in the tank and they began to jive. But then they began kung fu fighting, and though they are snails, those cats are fast as lightning.


Came in healthy looking with 3 leaves, less than a month later has 2 more. May have had snail eggs, that doesn’t bother me but it may better some people.

Water sprite

Nicely sized plants , in good shape, shipped quickly with heat pack because of the cold weather. Very nicely packed. Will be buying some more soon. Thanks

New to plants

The valisneria I ordered came in nice and green, even though I left them in the shipping box longer than I should have. And the crew shipped my order within an hour of my payment!!!! I live that quick service, and I will definitely order from the Co-op again.

Great quality

Amazing product from an amazing company

Judge pic for yourself

Stuff works great. You see the before and after just 2 weeks apart. One is under moonlight hence the weird coloring.

Great for fry!

Great for feeding my guppy fry. Only reason it didn't get 5 stars is because the container tip was pre-cut and I find it's too large and more food comes out than I'd like. The food itself is great, the fry love it. I do like how easy it is to use...point and squeeze, just wish I could have started with a smaller hole and worked up but I'm sure it's precut for a reason. Thank you aquarium co-op for a great food for my fry!

Night and day difference

Totally a rookie when it comes to planted tanks and knowing what light to get I started my 29 gallon about a year ago and bought a cheap led light at the time I thought it was a decent light until I started adding fish and plants to it and had a hard time seeing them...Sooo about the time a saved up money for the fluval 2.0 I was skeptical cause of some of the reviews and the next day I seen your video on YouTube and I bit the bullet bought the 3.0 and man.....I was worried such a tiny light I was to scared to turn the dang thing on but I did an WOW!!!! This is definitely a bang for your buck!!!! And the service was quick plan on doing more business with you guys!!! Hope this helps somebody else out who is skeptical!

Getting Started

Planted about three weeks ago. Starting to grow a little. Has maintained good color. I am on my first planted tank so not killing plants is my measure of success. So good so far.

Never clog air stone

It works great. I took your advice and put it in a sponge filter in a 40 breeder.

This stuff is awesome!!!

My plants are much happier now, my amazon swords perked right up and my vallisneria is shooting runners like crazy now! I will definitely continue using this in all my planted tanks!

Babies already?

Wonderful healthy plant. This is my first time with real plants in an aquarium and when the fern got these brown fuzzy things on it I thought, oh no, it has some type of disease. Wrong! New babies are growing all over this thing after only 20 days in my tank! Thanks co- op for such a nice plant.

Great treat

My rainbows and peacock gudgeons love it! I feed it about three times a week as a treat at night. Below are some recent pics of my fish.

1st time user for Easy Green

I can't give Easy Green an honest review just yet. I've only had it for less than a month at this time. I have been applying according to directions and amount and I can say that I haven't really noticed any growth just yet but if I can add to this review in say another month or two, I should be able to notice new growth and will come back and add it to this review.

Its great

Finnex Stingray LED looks great on my 15gl tank along with the low light plant package.

Awesome plant for beginners to planted tanks

Started a planted tank in my office so I needed something low maintenance and not too demanding. This seemed to fit the bill. Arrived in great shape and has been filling out the tank nicely. Lots of new growth right away.

Fast and works

I bought the tub and can i say im glad! The item came fast, shipped next day. Works very well and easy to use. Better for 20 gallons and up due to scoop size.

Best fry food!!

I have started to breed guppies and this food is the best food for the fry! Plus all my other Guppies and smaller fish love this food as well
I like the size my fish get and I trust this to be a high quality food
And it was genius to put it into a squeeze bottle!
And as always the best customer service and professional packaging you will find


Italian spiral Val came in the mail today. Super fast shipping. Plant looks great very big and good root structure. Heat pack was still warm. Will be reordering other plants!

Fast grower

Grows quickly and looks great in a 40 breeder or a 55 gallon. No issues when it arrived and it just got better thanks to Aquarium Co-Op packing skills. Thanks all

Worth every penny

I put this on a mini hang on back filter for my daughter's nano tank. It is awesome. I never have to touch the media inside the filter as the mini sponge catches everything before it gets to it.


Worked great. All are well

Already spreading

Purchased 25 days ago. Already have two new plants coming up.

Too Small for my small fish

My small platys don't even see the food as it comes out as very small crumbs. They smell it, they know something is there but they just don't see it.

30 Gallon Brilliance

I have a 30 gal which is 36" long, and for the longest time I've had a 24" fluorescent bulb because that's what came with the hood. I bought the 36-48 Fluval 3.0 and man.


This light is amazing. I can actually see my fish now and I have light covering the tank end to end. Not only that but now I can plant my tank more heavily, and since the light is fully customizable I can control the brightness so if I want to stick with low light plants I can do that, or if I want to have plants that need more light I can do that too. Not to mention that since this light has a 24/7 mode I can set it and let it ramp up and down throughout the day so my fish aren't shocked by bright lights and instant shadows. And it doesn't require an additional timer. Oh and it's waterproof for that extra peace of mind.

If you're looking for a good light just buy this one. Aquarium Co-op got my order from Washington to Maine in 3 days. They are the best.


same as everyone else, order came quick and the plants sprouted runners after about a week. getting good results with the easy green i ordered with it also.

Awesome plant

Loving this plant. It’s really taking off in my tank and thanks to regular dosing of Easy Iron it has a really nice reddish-purplish hue.

Best fertilizer for nano aquariums

I orders this and received it a day earlier than expected. The packaging was perfect this fertilizer is really the best for growing healthy plants in my opinion I’ve never had any issues ordering from here and I’d recommend aquarium coop to anyone


Got my first bottle of Easy Green today. Super stoked to try this out, I've always been afraid of fertilizers. Really really love the easy by the pump measurement.
Five stars for the super fast shipping, and great packing. Even with the heavy bottle of liquid in the box the live plants I ordered arrived in perfect condition.
I can already see myself reordering this when it works as advertised. I have faith. :D

Always perfect

As always another perfect plant that I now have more than one of.


Extra large Java Fern arrived in great condition...VERY healthy plant...very large. Love it!


Absolutely blown away both by the quality and the careful packaging. Plants were huge, thick and healthy. Tenderly packed in moistened towels, with a thick pad to protect the folded leaves. Large heavy wood. Shown with my tankkids in a 38 gallon. Recommended.

Great little pump

Koralia nano circulation pump is a nice addition to my 30 gallon planted tank. Gives just the right amount of water movement.

Works like a charm

I love this product. And own several. They work perfectly for my tanks

Give it a try

Initially I was a little hesitant ordering live plants from a store so far away. ( over 1,500 miles) But, I enjoy Cory's videos, so I decided to give it a try! I am so glad I did. The packaging is professional. The plants are very healthy. I will definitely be ordering again from Aquarium Co-op.

Dwarf Sagittaria = easy care plant

The Dwarf Sagittaria is by far the best "no work" aquarium plant I've ever had. I've got 5 or 6 other types of plants in my livebearer 20 gallon, and you do have to do upkeep on them but, not the Dwarf just takes care of itself(and spreads), no special conditions. Anyone needing a guaranteed winner under most water and lighting conditions, can't go wrong with this one. And, the Aquarium Coop is top notch at sending live plants out to it's customers. I wish they would sell a plant called guppy grass(najas), another surefire winner but, they do have a good selection overall.

impressed with first order

delivery was timely, plant was in great shape. No Co2 but also purchased the Easy Green fertilizer and have used for a month now and all plants are thriving

Great experience as usual

My fish love these, and it is so fun to watch them darting around in a feeding frenzy. Shipping was fast and the order was packed well (I also ordered some plants, which were great, too!).

Easy Green

Great product!

It’s great

As advertised it is compatible with a gravel vacuum with no pull through which is great. Mine is a sand cap on a dirted cap and so far my plants seem to be loving it. I can already see new root growth through the sand. My Anubis reaches right down from their driftwood anchor and have already started to burrow in. I even have enough for another tank!

Stellar amount1

I love ordering crypt parva from Aquarium Co-Op because of the amount that you get in each pot. I think it is definitely worth the price compared to other places online.

Very good packaging. All snails are alive.

The packaging is awesome and all snails that came are alive.
They went into my 40B heavily planted guppy tank and were all active when I put them in.
It's been a couple weeks since I got em and the only concern I have so far is I barely see them anymore when I look at the tank.
Not sure if they're still alive or just under the substrate. I was hoping they would reproduce but so far, I haven't seen any babies.

This stuff is to plants what spinach is to Popeye

Title says it all. Three weeks after dosing I can almost WATCH my plants grow!

Great for smaller tanks

I use this sponge in my 30 gallon tank with 9 zebra danios, 15 guppies, 15 albino corydoras and a medium angelfish and havent had a problem yet. My only dislike is that they cannot be used with the never clog airstones to make smaller bubbles, although in practice I haven't found a huge difference in sound. Gr8 M8, 8/8, would buy again!


quick shipping and plants looked great. this will be my go to plant shop now