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Nice shirt

Nice comfy shirt fits great looks good thank you Cory

Hard to rate after 1 day

I like that's it's not high density foam. But you are asking me to review it after 1 day so hard to say. The other item I got, the never clog air stone was a waste of money. The bubbles are so big making a stone that leaks more useful to me. This went in the trash.

Great aquarium plant!

I bought it at aquarium co-op in Edmonds
It's my favorite plant!
It's grown alot and looks amazing
It's right in the center of my Aquarium and the Cardinal tetras love playing in it
It moves with the flow of water which looks cool
It's sent off a runner that has grown fast and is just as beautiful as the original
Makes my tank look alot more natural

Never clog

Not super happy with the bubble stream.

Beautiful Seiryu!

Can't say enough about this stone. Purchased as "bulk" but each piece was beautiful and had the character of hand picked pieces. Packaging and shipping great as always! I will definitely be back for more. The calcium in the rock is an added bonus in our Mystery snail tank. It's now their favorite place to play.

Hikari medium sponge filter

Works well. Its polishing the water on my twenty long nicely.

Simple to use

Extra easy to use, and it seems to have made an immediate improvement to the growth of my plants! Will leave another review after I've used it long enough to get familiar with it

Be Prepared!

Purchased so I'd be prepared to quarantine fish, based on Cory's video review. Just found out I will be needing it for some shubunkin I'm receiving tomorrow for our koi pond. Perfect timing!

My second one!

The first was just that good I had and have too get them for all 9 of my tanks! I just have to wait for another coupon code for the best deal around! What A Light! Great for plant growth!

Very pleased with these leaves

These catappa leaves arrived in perfect, unbroken condition and are a good large size. I'm able to reseal the bag they were shipped in (don't know if that was intended) so they stay fresh. Good price too.

This is the perfect measuring glass

Just love it. Need to figure out how many capfulls of conditioner or meds go into the tank and lose count? Because I do! This thing is great. I hate keeping extra kitchen cups around my tanks. This is perfect -- a dedicated measuring for fish shot glass.

Willow Hygro

Excellent plant . Arrived fast and in good condition. A good addition to my 40 gallon tank. Will provide nice cover for my shrimp and baby guppies.

Beautiful plant

So as I unwrapped the Tiger Lotus plant upon arrival the flowers and stems separated from the rootball. I planted the rootball in the substrate and less than 3 weeks later it grew new stems and leaves and is a beautiful plant.

No real way to test if it works

I'll buy it anyways, I guess.

Not stainless steel at all

Started rusting after the first or second use.


Seriously, not hyperbole. It's a beautiful centerpiece plant. Expertly shipped and started growing probably in a day. I see it's out of stock now, buy it while you can. You won't regret it


Wow was my response upon turning it on. Easy to use, and very bright. This light brings out the color in the fish and im looking forward to growing some plants with it. Awesome shipping as well! Thanks Cory!!!

Bug Bites Tropical Formula

My fish gobble this stuff up. What more can I say!?

Works amazing

Love the intake sponge keeps food and poop from going in the intake tube.

Co-op Freeze Dried Blood Worms

My mixed live bearer tank loves this product and great service from the Co-Op crew!

Great Intake Covers

I ordered these to cover intakes for a Dwarf Seahorse tank and Helps house nitrifying bacteria. Foam is dense so seahorse fry will not get stuck in it. Works great!

Best fertilizer ever

This is by far the easiest fertilizer I have ever used. Previously, I used seachem flourish comprehensive, flourish potassium, and flourish iron. Now easy green has replaced all of those! I'm also getting some of the best growth that I've ever had!

Bug Bites Cichlid Formula

My Cichlids like this food. My fry even like it too.

Repashy super food

The goldfish love it! Very easy to prepare.

Very pleased.

It fit perfect to my filter and now I'm looking to a more efficient filter and a healthy bacteria colony.

Good... Buuut

I'm not a huge fan of floating foods for my fantails. I don't like them eating at the surface because I'm concerned that they'll ingest too much air. This food floats.
Don't get me wrong, it's great food, they eat all of it. I just don't like that it's a floating kind instead of a sinking kind. I decided to try it out because they like the pleco formula so much, but I don't think that I'll repurchase this formula, and I'll just stick with the pleco formula.

Quick delivery.

very satisfied with the plants and am looking forward to using the repashy food.

High quality plants

Shipping was fast and I have had no crypt melt and plant is health.

Great Stuff

All bottom dwellers as well as other fish love this stuff. It's tough to get to the bottom sometimes as all other fish are attacking it on the way down.

A tank favorite

Got this and the community formula - and fish absolutely love it! It smells just like the bug bites food - I think it's the main ingredient. I just make small batches and store in the fridge. It doesn't smell great - but seriously what fish food does!? Haha

Awesome help

Cory is very knowledgeable and willing to help you reach your goals. He helped me develop an excellent stocking list for my tank that won't result in a blood bath. I have not had a chance to implement yet, but I know his years of experience have saved me hundreds of dollars already. I know from my experience with African cichlids how important it is to stock the right fish together. Thanks for all the help, I would not hesitate to buy a paid consultation again if I ever need it.

Medium Intake Sponge

Love the intake sponge! It has kept my water much cleaner by keeping detritus stuck to "it" and not floating in the water or clogging up the vents on the intake tube.

Great little filter

This is a great little filter for my betta. He is very picky about current and this filter finally did the trick. The adjustable flow is awesome to have on such a small filter. Very quiet and easy to set up. Mine originally got damaged in shipping and I was immediately sent a new one without any hassle. Great filter and great customer service.

Nice little filter

I'm setting up 4 tanks for my new Bettas. I had watched Corey's video on filter hacks and was very impressed with his system. With needing 4 new filters economy was foremost in the planning. I purchased the filters, AquaClear foam inserts and the Filter-Max IIi Pre-filters. They were so easy to set up, only took a few minutes, plugged them in and after the initial priming noise settled, they are as can be. I would highly recommend this system.

Absorbent and black and porous is he!

Love this filter! Works great and can't wait to see those bacteria colonies establishing themselves. Great price as well! Thank you!

Pre filter sponge

Great addition. Keeps larger particles out of the filter box, and allows fish to eat foods held to the sponge.

Thanks Cory!

Glad for the video and website info reviewing this product. Pleased with the reasonable prices, quick shipping. and loved the hand drawn fish on my invoice!!!❤️❤️

Awesome Food

I bought this to give it a shot. Started feeding in the mornings right when I turn on the lights to my celebes rainbowfish. Everything was fairly normal at first, the fish seemed to really love the food. Then I started noticing some fun behavior. Now when I turn on the lights the fish start popping at the water surface, they cant wait for their delicious Fluval bug bites. I never saw this behavior before changing to this food. Awesome stuff with bonus exciting behavior! Oh yeah, I got the tropical fish small size by the way.

Best in the game

Best sponge filters. I decided to get rid of my HoB and just switch over to sponge filters. I have 3 different kinds of sponge filters and this one is the best in the game

Great light

Love the light and love that aquarium coop constantly runs discounts on every item they sell. Great business, I will continue to support.


Well I guess I didn't read the description well and didn't realize that general cure and the Erythromycin treated the amount of water volume, I was able to treat 1 20 gallon and my 150 gallon with it. The ich-x was a great quantity. Is it possible to buy a more bulk size order as I'm looking at breeding fish for profit and at this price it doesn't make sense to repeatedly buy this quantity. The meds worked great though I had some Pecos that were unhealthy and they are happy now.

Watched Aquarium Co-op Video

It has been years since I had an aquarium. Started watching Aquarium Co-op videos and had to dive back in. Aquariums are very soothing. Anyway, the video on amping up your filtration made so much sense. I bought this to go with my Aquaclear and it works great. Water is crystal clear and the planted tank is beautiful. I'm a gardener so aquarium gardening is a brand new theme. Love it!

Does what it's supposed to do

It's a bit hard to read. I'll attach a picture -- it says 78 in the picture. But it serves its purpose, which is what I need it for. Sorry for the potato quality, but it gets the message across. For the price, it's worth it.

Test strips

I have 6 tanks and the test strips save me lots of time. Very accurate. Delivery was fast. Thanks Corey and staff.

No smell

Used Prime for many years but decided to try Ultimate 2 - 3 months ago based on Cory's recommendation. I have not noticed any changes in the fish behavior and while not as cost effective as Prime I will continue with Ultimate for the added benefits (buffering, slime coat) and not having to deal with Prime's smell that was left on my fingers after use.

Just as expected

There's not much to say about stickers but they worked and I loved the design.


Works amazing everyone should have one on there filter intake!

Seems to be helping

I got this to help with shrimp, snails and mollies. I have fairly hard water already, but I've struggled keeping healthy mollies and my mollies currently seem to be doing as good as ever. I'd be curious how much and how it removes chlorine from water. Maybe another Aquarium Co Op video idea?

Beautiful healthy plant

Really nice dark green plant. Already growing another leaf a week after receiving. Very nice addition to my tank.

Repashy Morning Wood

This is the only food that my new bristlenose is interested in; he loves this stuff! Excellent ingredients and it stays intact in the aquarium for a long time.