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Hands-Down Best Fancy GF Food

This food is incredibly easy and quick to make. All of my GF go nuts for this food, more than any other food I have fed in over ten years.
This food stays good in the fridge for a very long time, and doesn't mold or anything, just make sure you ventilate it.
Follow the instructions on 1 part powder to 2-3 parts water, otherwise your water column will turn into green powder. XD
Amazing food, and I believe it to be very healthy. However I haven't seen any pros to colour; my Ranchu has actually been steadily losing colour, although this may not be to the food. Anyhow, I love this food, and so do my goldies!

Good looking plant

I ordered water sprite about a month ago and it is doing very well. New side shoots started growing after a few weeks and once they get a little longer I will plant those also. The plant came in great shape. I planted about four plants from the one they sent me. Cant complain about that.

Very nice

Good quality shirt very pleased overall with my experience shopping with aquarium cool would definitely rexomend

Large plant package

The packing was top notch. It couldn't be better. Everything came perfect and is thriving . Cory and his team know what they are doing.

Great shirt! Even better that it came with a free bottle of Easy Green!

Looks and fits great. I'm in between a small and a medium, and ordered a medium to play it safe (just in case of shrinkage). The medium is just perfect. Also, the red print on the black shirt looks awesome - I originally thought it was orange which I was 'ok' with... But I dig the red a lot more!

Great Shirt

Good quality and nice shirt. Fits perfectly and looks good. Will be wearing one to my local lfs and framing the others like Corey does his tshirts.

Never a letdown

Great quality and super awesome shipping.

Never a letdown

Great quality and super awesome shipping.

Water Sprite

My husband wanted this plant to float on top. It was cool for awhile but the fish devoured it. Look at what is left...I am attempting to see if I can grow what is left instead of having it float on the surface. Look at that sad picture. It came in good condition but what can I do...those crazy fish.


Love this plant. And so far so good... it is doing well in our tank.

Pogostemon Stellatus Octopus

I haven't killed it yet....25 days and what I was was sent is still alive. I will say, not all had roots on the stems....stuck them into my gravel substrate anyway with root tabs....and I have seen some growth. Planting was a little tricky the stems like to snap....I need to be careful. Love the look of the plant and the fish like to hang out near it.

My goldfish love it

My fish just love this food. I was looking for a good floating pellet since the ones that sink get lost in my gravel. The Aquarium Coop Omnivore Pellet Mix is just what I needed, my fish like it and the ingredients are excellent. I bought it for the first time and for sure I will be buying more!

Excellent plant

My plants arrived on time and were well packaged. They are a beautiful shade of green and are already showing new growth.


Love my t shirt! & all products great. Will be ordering more as needed. Five stars to Aquarium Co-Op & Cory. U add so much to my hobby & I thank u for that☺️

Great shirt to represent with.

The shirt is a high quality shirt and sizes are true to the sizing you would normally expect. Great buy if you wanna support the co-op.

Mpany Piece

Bought a great piece with my AC gift card and love it. Only problem is deciding which tank to put it in. Nice problem to have. Will definitely buy some more in the future.


First the filter was the perfect size for my 20g tall. Added this off of the recommendation from all of the aquarium co op videos on filtration. The filter fits great and works wonders. I will advise if the filter does not sink at first squeeze the air out and it should fall like a rock.

The shipping and over all experience was amazing as always with Aquarium Co-op. Could not be more happy with my purchase.

Great Plant....

Thank you for such a great plant,
It is beautiful, started showing new growth right away,..
So healthy, I appreciate the FAST Shippng..

Great value!

The plants arrived healthy, I was able to split each plant pot up. This is my second time ordering from Aquarium Co-op and I was not disappointed.

Great product!

Works very well for my java fern and all of the various plants in my wife's tank! Shipping was quick as well.

Water Sprite

Water Sprite arrived very quickly and well packaged. Nice fluffy fern, healthy. A bit of dieback, but doing well.

Great plants, quality and amount

The pot of crypt that I received had a very generous amount of plants in it so it was definitely worth the money. Fast shipping is always what I love about Aquarium co-op. They definitely have a great system setup to make it happen. I will continue to order from them for my various needs. :)

Huge, healthy anubias!

Love love love this giant anubias golden coin I got, with textured leaves and a distinct coin shape. It's only been a couple of weeks and a brand new leaf has already emerged.

Shirt AND free Easy Green

Love the art work and am one of Murphys fans. I use Easy Green religiously so this was a big win-win for me. Customer service was excellent. This all conspires to keep me coming back!


The snails arrived in perfect condition acclimated to my tank quit quickly. I still get a glimpse of them every now and then at night when I take a late peak at the tank.

Beautiful large plants.

I received beautiful large plants. All healthy and thriving, I special requested in the notes for a certain plant, and team aquarium co-op came through once again. All of these plants have grown wonderfully, and I was able to make multiple plants from one container they were so well rooted. I had no die back. Thank you! I wouldn’t buy plants anywhere else, Aquarium Co-op has superior products.


Very pleased with this pump, it is super quiet, and works great with my sponge filter!

great pack

bought this and a low light pack for a new 30 gal, during the black friday deals. Everything is growing and looks healthy. Go go Coop Ferts.

quality shirt with great design

Good quality construction with a well done design!

Small but growing

Good looking little plants. Both pots I bought had more than 1 plantlet. Purchased on a plant sale so they may have been smaller than usual. Both still surviving & growing beautifully.

Love this plant..

So nice and healthy, thank you so much..

Puffer tshirt

Great looking quality tshirt, the artwork is top notch.
With the promo of free Easy Green it was a no-brainer!

New Plants

Very happy. They showed up with many leaves and extremely healthy. Couldn't be more pleased. I ordered from 3 different sources at the same time to see the difference in product, and there was no comparison, the Coop's were the best by far.

Great piece of wood

When I Placed it in my tank the shrimp couldn’t wait to get inside it. Love this little piece of wood!

Great small fish pellet food

Use this to feed my classroom tanks (zebra danios, platies, corydoras, swordtails, vietnamese white clouds). Fish gobble it up and does not cloud water. Great food!

They did it again

As always, the best customer service, best products, best prices according to quality, there’s literally no reason to go anywhere else for your aquarium needs. Love the store, the channel, and the podcast. You’ve got a fan for life with my family and I! Great job Aquarium COOP!!!

Bug Bites Chiclid Formula

My fish love this food. I will be buying again!

Very useful

I use it almost every day! Very neat little spoon. I added a string to it to hang it near my sink/station.

works great

works well easy to use

Anubias “Gold Coin”

I superglued it to some wood I also got from Aquarium Co-op (though not on the same trip...) my only issue is I have a long, low tank and I attached it super high so it’s growing out of my water.

Totally growing, though. Looks gorgeous. In this tank I also have the nana petite. :)

awesome sauce

i had some plants that were beginning to fall apart. I tried some other fertilizers and my plants didn't really respond to it. a week after dosing easy green, my plants are responding like crazy i love it !!!!!

Excellent Aponogeton Crispus

Plants arrived on time, packaged perfectly and in excellent condition! Also i absolutely love this plant! lol :D

Great "GRUB" for the crew

Great Rapashy food. I make it alone or I sometimes mix it with with other Rapashy fiod, such as the Community blend. Easy and nutritious. I feed it to my fish and shrimp and it doesn't foul up my water!

Repast review

This is the first time I tried repashy. It didn't take too long to make but it has a horrible odor. I made one cup of it and cut it into small squares. I have 4 tanks that I tried it in. All of the tanks have different types of fish. I only have one tank that the fish paid any attention to it. The fish that ate it were Buenos Aires Tetra. I must say that they seem to eat just about anything that I feed them. I cannot find anywhere else that sells Repashy and now I know why.

Great product

All my fish love Sera o Nip tabs. I have fed them these for about two weeks now and they really go for these. I have also fed them the veggie tabs with the same success. I usually split them in four pieces and drop them into different parts of the aquarium. They break up into small pieces so even your smallest fish have a shot.
I should also mention delivery from Aquarium Co Op was fast as usual.


Plant arrived in good health,and might I add quickly just a few days


Plant arrived packaged very well. It has been thriving in my aquarium in the 2 weeks since I received it. I will be ordering more, and keeping my fingers crossed for some snail hitchhikers with the next bunch!

Cool snails

Best snails for the planted aquarium,aquarium never looked cleaner at a glance ,would highly recommend. Will look cleaner given more time

amazing product!

My amazon swords started looking poorly, then I popped a couple of these easy root tabs in the substrate and before I realized it they bounced right back. I highly recommend these root tabs.

Great Plant

We really like these crypts. We ordered two and we're able to divide them into about ten. After adding the grow tabs they recovered very well and are all standing tall and growing¡. We've purchased all of our plants from Aquarium Co-Op and are so pleased with the quality that we'll only buy future plants from Aquarium Co-Op! Great service, quality and price! Keep on, Cory and crew!